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Our History (under development)

There's so much history to share - plus maps and images (including this one which we've yet to gain permission to publish) - we've not been able to collate everything yet.

1-7 Sussex places dates from the late 18th or early 19th Century, and features on the New and Correct Plan of the City of Bath, 1825 (Available in Bath Library).

Former residents of 7 Sussex Place include:

  • James Emery (1821), a licensed victualler

  • Ann Anderson (1823)

  • John Symes, Milkman (c1840)

  • Charles Farr, a carpenter (1846)

  • Edward Howell, a greengrocer (1852)

  • Miss E Robbins, dressmaker (1872)

  • Miss Ruth Robbins, dairykeeper (1878)

  • George William Edwin Dunn, dairyman (1890)

  • Mrs Bradbury (c1896)

  • Miss A M Pyatt, dairy (1912)

  • W Silcox & Son, dairy (1930-1955)

  • Mrs R Ollis, newsagent & tobacconist (1971)

The property itself has been:

  • Mr Dunn's Dairy (c1896)

  • Prior Park Dairy (1963)

  • Widcombe News & Confectioners (1975)

Thanks to local historian Phil Bendall for additional information

Historical photo of The Apartment, Bath
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