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Bath and Bristol voted UK's most progressive cities

Bath has topped a poll of cities based on key data points relating to social, environmental and inclusion issues, pipping Bristol in to second place. Bankrate UK have defined the ‘progressiveness’ of a city not only by its recognition of the issues, but how the city addresses them and enables positive change.

Whether it’s a green-minded commitment to recycling, a strong voter turnout, or ensuring gender diversity in local government, leading cities have not just realised their duty to encourage a socially-aware community, but they are enabling its continued progress. The following categories determined which is truly the UK’s Most Progressive City:

  • Search trends

  • Voter turnout

  • Vegan / vegetarian restaurants

  • Recycling rates

  • Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) registrations

  • Gender pay gap

  • Women in local government

With three of the UK's top five cities in the South West of England - and neigbouring cities Bath and Bristol topping the rankings - you need look no further than the West of England for an ethical and equitable stay in the nation's most progressive city.

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